Session window

The session window has a tab for each open session. The selected tab provides the data for the main display.

Session Window

The session window holds the following information, from top to bottom:

  • the file name for the session
  • statistics for the area defined by []
  • a list of pieces and intervals that have been defined within the session.

Pieces are listed in chronological order of their starting points. Note that if the stopwatch is used on the logger, then these pieces are listed with the label "Stopwatch Piece"

Each piece is summarised in the following format:

Row 1:Label & statistics for the piece
Row 2:Comments and conditions (wind and stream)
Row 3 onwards:Statistics for each interval

The statistics on each row contain the following, from left to right:

  • Time
  • Distance
  • Average rating
  • Equivalent 500m split time

Selecting a region

The session window can be used for setting the selected region. When you click on a piece or interval, that becomes the selected region. On doing so:

  • the cursor moves to the beginning of the region
  • trace and profile views realign so that they contain the cursor
  • statistics and graphs that derive from the selected region are recalculated and redrawn.

Additionally, by double clicking on a piece or interval, the Profile Views are scaled so that they are exactly the width of the region.

Alternatively, you can create a selected region from any part of the session:

  1. click on the start point in the data (preferably on a trace view) and press the [ key.
  2. click on the end point in the data and press the ] key*.

The region bounded by these two points becomes the selected region and is listed at the top of the Session Window. You can now click on it just the same as any other piece or interval in the Session Window.

*Alternatively, by placing just the [ on the data and then selecting Save [] as Piece, you can specify a precise duration for the piece in terms of time (seconds), distance (metres) or number of strokes.

Creating pieces

The [] region can be turned into a piece, optionally divided up into intervals. To do this:

  1. right click on the [] region in the Session Window and select Save [] as Piece (or choose Edit->Save [] as Piece).

  2. Creating a new piece
  3. A dialog pops up which provides the opportunity to add a label for the piece, and to divide it up into intervals. It is also possible to annotate the piece with wind and stream information. There is no current use for this within the software, but future versions may enable searching on these criteria.
  4. Configuration of new piece

Deleting pieces

Right-click on a piece and select Delete