File types and locations

The data downloaded from a logger is stored in a single file. The format of the file name is by default rowiiiii-jjjjjjD.peach-data, where iiiii is the serial number of the logger, jjjjjj is the session number. The letter D is replaced by a T for files which are created by real-time telemetry.

Example of data and index file pair

Each downloaded file is accompanied by a index file with the same name but with the file extension .peach-data-index. This file is used as a container for:

  • labels (crew lists, comments etc...)
  • any information created by the user whilst viewing the data, for example, custom intervals
  • video synchronisation information
  • video stills

The index file must be in the same folder as the data file.

When transferring data from one PC to another, it is important to transfer the data file AND the index file, otherwise the other PC will not be able to see all the additional information.

Some of the information from the index file gets written back into the data file, so if the index file gets lost or damaged, it is still possible to recover some of the information (e.g. the crew list). However, any connection with database entries will be lost, so crew names will be shown in italics to denote that they are not drawn from the database.

Older versions of PowerLine software (version 2.xx) created data files with the extension .dat instead of peach-data. These are compatible with the newer versions of PowerLine software.