Price and availability

Prices in GBP (UK pounds sterling) are as follows:

Main system components

Number required per system
ComponentUnit price1x2x4x2-/+4-/+8o
Sculling oarlock£520.00248
Sweep oarlock*£520.00248
Junction box£150.00124248
PC software licence£20.00111111
Boat motion sensor£240.00111111
Logger cradle£180.00111111
Download cradle£180.00111111
Installation kit£60.00111111
Basic system price:£2,750£3,940£6,320£2,900£4,240£6,920


PowerLine Version 4£20 per license For additional users - click to make an online purchase.
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Additional components

Video synchronisation kit-contact us for availability
Real-time data radio kit-contact us for availability
2D scull oarlock£680.00alternative to standard oarlock
2D sweep oarlock£680.00alternative to standard oarlock
Seat position sensor-new design coming
Stretcher force sensor£880.00additional sensor, per rower
4-channel analog input£600.00additional sensor, per rower
Sweep adaptor sleeve£48.00fits 9/16" oarlock to 13mm pin


Swivel (scull, 4degree)£38.00spare for oarlock
Swivel (sweep, 4degree)£38.00spare for oarlock
- pitch adjustment:+£10.002, 3, 5, 6 degree options for swivel - can be specified as surcharge for original or replacement swivels
Set screw for oarlock£0.20renew when worn - 2 required per oarlock
Hexagon wrench£0.50high quality tool for tightening oarlocks onto pin
Crescent ring for oarlock£2.00specify for sweep or scull - only required if original gets lost!
DualLock£12.00/mfor fixing components into the hull
Cable clip£0.40for fixing cables into the hull
Sealing cap£0.30for protecting unused sockets against water ingress
Dust cap£0.15for protecting cable plugs when in transit

*Available for 13mm or 9/16" (14.3mm) bore. This needs to be specified at the time of purchase. 9/16" oarlocks can be adapted to 13mm by using an adaptor sleeve (additional purchase).

Please note that the prices above are exclusive of VAT and any local sales tax.

For an exact quotation accounting for taxes, exchange rates and any special training or support requirements, please contact Peach Innovations with your specification.

Note that all system units can be re-used between sculling and sweep, EXCEPT for the oarlocks. For a club intending to run both and sweep and sculling, but never both at the same time, then some economy is achieved by swapping the logger, junction boxes and boat speed sensor components between the two installations.

Delivery on new orders is expected to be 2-8 weeks, depending on our stock levels.