Online Resources

The aim of this section is to provide you with some interesting information about rowing and biomechanics as well as making some templates and scalings available for your use.

Do not hesitate to send us some suggestions about what you may find useful and we will try to meet your questions.


SizeAdditional information
Software Manual3,637 KBNew features included in version 4 of the software are also included
Hardware Manual837 KBLatest technical information about our latest sensors will be included here
Online Software ManualThis is a link to the online software manual on the web, no need to download or use the manual

Software downloads

Please login to your account to see downloads of your software
Powerline V4 features 492 KBInformation on the additional features and variables that have been included to the new version

Software templates

Only for Version 4 users; not compatible with previous versions of the software
Templates13 KBDownload the .zip files if you scratched the default templates of Powerline version 4.0 and want them back
Scalings24 KBDifferent scalings have been created for different boat classes
FAQs You will find asnwers for Frequently Asked Questions
TroubleshootingGet advice on how to spot the cause of specific problem with the sensors and software


Jennie Coker PhD thesisThis is only the link, not the file. She did some validation on the Powerline system