PowerLine Rowing Instrumentation and Telemetry

The ultimate analysis tool for coaches and athletes


PowerLine is a complete instrumentation system for rowing. It measures the forces, angles and speeds needed to evaluate crew technique and performance. Combined with video, it makes the ultimate coaching tool. Among its many features, you can:

  • measure individual power output within a crew
  • correlate force curves with video
  • identify well-matched rowing techniques

Coaches and athletes alike can use the system to quantify improvements in technique and performance, and to optimise rig and equipment. It provides valuable feedback from uncoached outings. Coaches will find the system an excellent tool for working with athletes and setting targets. The selection process is aided by identifying well-matched techniques and quantifying power outputs for each crew member.

The standard product includes oarlock force and angle, boat speed and motion. Systems can be scaled from 1x to 4x, 2- to 8+. Additional sensors can be simply added to provide measurements of stretcher force, seat position and many other parameters. All units are engineered to a high quality and calibrated on automated test equipment.


We have been supplying to national teams since 2002, and our systems are now used by clubs, schools and universities worldwide.