Data export

Data can be exported from PowerLine to other applications in a comma separated format.

Periodic data

The extent of the export is determined by the start and width of the Trace Views - i.e. if the Trace Views start at 0:00:20.00 (it terms of time into the session) and end at 0:01:20.00, then this will be the extent of the exported data.

To export 50Hz data:

  1. select a Trace View by clicking on it
  2. zoom the trace view so that it contains thre region you want to export
  3. select Edit→Copy Data Values to Clipboard, or press CTRL-C.

The data from all periodic channels will be copied to the clipboard, together with two header rows that describe the columns.

Aperiodic data

An export of aperiodic data copies all the aperiodic data from a session.

Click on a Profile view and either select Edit->Copy Data Values to Clipboard, or press CTRL-C.

Export format

Once copied to the clipboard, the data can be pasted into other applications such as Microsoft Excel. Data is in comma separated format

Where the system is missing data, a NAN is inserted ('Not-A-Number'). Reasons why data might be missing include:

  • interrupted reception in a real-time data file
  • aperiodic data that couldn't be calculated (e.g. rower power for a rower that wasn't taking strokes)

You can choose how missing data is represented for the benefit of your import package. Go to Tools→Options→Export and specify a character that replaces NANs.