The main window can be divided into a number of panes, each containing different choices of channels and types of display.

The configuration of the main window can be saved, so that it becomes possible to have a number of different templates for analysing the data in different ways.

Changing pane layout

There is always at least one pane in the main window. Right-click on a pane in the main window, and you will be able to:

  • CREATE PANE - split it in two to create another pane
  • CHANGE TO - change the type of data that the pane displays
Main window: one pane Main window: splite right Main window: two panes

Changing the type of pane automatically brings up the Configuration Dialog for that pane:

Main window: change to Trace View Main window: configure Trace View

The dividers between panes can be moved by clicking and dragging on them.

When you delete a pane, the pane from which it was originally divided will be expanded to fill the space. Deleting is not allowed when there is only a single pane.

Changing pane type

The various types of pane data are:

  • Trace View
  • Profile View
  • GPS View
  • Crew List
  • Arcs
  • Statistics

Once the type of data has been selected for a pane, it can be configured by bringing up the Configure Pane dialog:

  • right-click on a pane and select Configure→Pane
  • or select a pane (by clicking on it) and then click on the spanner toolbar button
  • or select a pane (by clicking on it) and then select Configure->Pane from the menu

Note that at any time, one pane is 'selected' - this is indicated by a thin black line around the edge. You can select a pane by clicking on it. However, you can also use the tab key on the keyboard to cycle the selection through the panes.