Real-time telemetry


To connect to a system in real-time:

  1. connect a pair of telemetry radios to the logger and PC
  2. select the radio in the telemetry field of Tools→Options→Communications

If the logger is switched on and within range, then an indicator at the bottom right of the software's status bar indicates incoming data.

Real-time session

The software automatically creates a new session when it detects a real-time session for the first time. This is created as a file on the hard disk with a 'T' suffix to indicate telemetry. Any data received will be streamed continuously to this file, even if the software is being used to look at other sessions. switching between real-time

After the session has finished, the data can be downloaded from the logger. This will create a second separate file with the letter D in the filename.

Viewing data in real-time

To view the data in real-time:

  1. ensure that the tab for the telemetry file is selected in the Session Window.
  2. press CTRL-R (or select File->Show Real-time Data) to toggle the screen update on or off

When real-time screen update is ON, the latest data is always displayed on the screen. In this mode it is not possible to navigate through the data.

When the real-time screen update is OFF, you can navigate through the data. Incoming data will continue to be written to the telemetry file, but the screen will not be updated.