Crew List

The crew tab of the Session Details dialog enables you to specify the names of each rower, the coach and, for coxed boats, the cox.

Crew configuration

By default, it is assumed that names will be pulled from the Rower database. To see the list of available rowers, click on the Rowers... button. Select a rower from the database by clicking on the name and dragging it onto the relevant field in the Session Details dialog.

If you want to enter a name that is not in the database, then check the 'Enter names manually' box, and type away. Note that manually entered names will appear in italics. Names drawn from the database appear in normal font.

Saving crew lists

Crew lists can be saved and reloaded using the Save and Load buttons. Each boat type has its own list of saved crews, so when you Load... for an 4x, you will be offered all the 4x crews that have been previously saved.

Note that crew lists are not saved in the database file, but are stored elsewhere