Boat Configuration

When the data is downloaded (or received by telemetry), the software takes its best guess at the type of boat, determined by the channels it sees. So if it sees sweep oarlocks for seats 1-4, it assumes it is a four. If it sees sculling oarlocks for seats 1-2, it assumes it is a double.

Boat configuration

The properties of a boat are displayed in a table in which the values can be clicked and edited:

  • Boat Name
  • Seat - used to determine the size of the crew list
  • Coxed - used to determine whether a cox is included in the crew list
  • Rig - scull or sweep - used to determine the layout of any Arc Views
  • Manufacturer
  • Description

The boat name, manufacturer and description have no function within the software, and are included as possible useful indexes for the user.

For a boat with a sweep-oared rig, buttons appear at the left of the dialog which enable each seat to be assigned as Port or Starboard. This is used for descriptive purposes and also to determine which rowers to display when the Port / Starboard buttons are clicked on the Rower Selection toolbar.

Selecting from Boat database

Boat configurations may be selected from the boat database. To see the list of available boats, click on the Boats... button. To select a boat in the database, click on it and drag it onto the Sessions Details dialog.