Arcs view

The Arcs View shows a summary of the arc lengths for each rower and can be set through its configuration dialog.

Arc View Configure Arc View

The mode determines whether the view shows the data for the current stroke (i.e. the one where the cursor is positioned), or an average for all strokes contained in the selected region.

Various numbers and graphics may be selected:

  • Bar Graph - determines
  • min/max - the minimum and maximum angles are shown numerically, corresponding to the catch and finish respectively
  • Length - equal to maximum minus minimum angles - i.e. the total range of movement.
  • Effective length - equal to the Length minus the two slip angles - i.e. the range of movement for which the applied force exceeded the catch and finish thresholds.
  • Catch slip / finish slip - the catch slip is the difference between the minimum angle and the angle at which the catch threshold is exceeded. The finish slip is the difference between the angle at which the force goes below the finish threshold and the maximum angle.

Rower selection

In the 'Rower Selection' area of the dialog, you may set whether the pane shows data for all those rowers selected in the Rower Bar, or you can force it to show data for specified rowers.