Crew rowing well together

Good timing guys!

Crew rowing out of sync


Timing analysis

Analyse crew timing and rowing technique with time plots

All data can be plotted on graphs against time. This is essential for picking out differences in movement between crew members, measuring speeds of recovery, identifying links between hull motion and crew motion, and all other time-based analysis.

The graphs here show force curves from two coxed fours, both of similar power and experience, but very different in terms of blade entry and coordination of power application. Not surprisingly, the better crew is going around 0.3m/s faster - i.e. 30 seconds over a 2000m course.

A coach can identify these differences in terms of body movement, posture, sequencing of legs, trunk and arms during the drive etc… Other sensors complement the analysis:

  • Boat motion sensor - aggregate effect on hull speed and acceleration
  • Seat position - combined with oarlock angle, picks out the sequencing of legs and body
  • Stretcher force - combined with oarlock force, shows the net force applied by each rower to the hull.

Combined with video synchronization, the coach can provide hard copy printouts of traces combined with video stills.