On-board Logger

A rugged data logger for rowing with a display for performance feedback

PowerLine Logger

An on-board logger provides instant feedback on a clear backlit display. Its fully waterproof casing clips onto the boat and is easily removed after the outing for downloading data to a PC.

A large logging and battery capacity ensures hours of running between recharges and downloads.

The logger has a stopwatch with programmable time or distance intervals to suit any racing or training program. For example:

  • 2000m race with splits every 250m;
  • 1 hour UT2 session divided up into 10 minute intervals;
  • a racing start with splits inserted every 10m.

It also features a trigger function for standing starts: timing commences automatically from the first stroke of a start, ignoring strokes taken to align the boat.

A simple user interface enables diagnostics and access to all operational parameters.