Performance profiles

View trends in races and workouts

Every stroke, the system generates a flurry of "magic numbers" that characterise the stroke. At its simplest, this includes boat speed and rating. However, it also includes characterisation of each rower�s technique and performance, including power, arc length, catch and finish slips (i.e. the amount of water being missed at each end of the stroke).

The PC software enables you to plot these against time, including alignment with stopwatch intervals. The plot below shows speed and rating for a coxless four racing over 1000m, with intervals every 250m shown by the yellow markers. Speed and rating are shown at the top, and power for stern pair shown below.

In this example, the crew is fast out and sustain the speed fairly well. However, stern pair start to diverge in terms of the power they put down, and stroke has the occasional big drop in power. Note that each dot represents one stroke.

This type of analysis is also useful just in training. On land, it is possible to monitor an ergo workout directly in terms of power output. Now you can do the same on the boat using the display, and have the data on the PC afterwards for analysis.