PowerLine oarlock: measure force and angle

PowerLine Oarlock

Instrumented Oarlocks

Measure gate force curves and angle

The principal component of the PowerLine system is a highly innovative sensor which measures the force and angle applied by the oar onto the pin. Additionally, the oarlocks calculate a variety of readings each stroke, such as rower power, min/max angles etc… which are detected and recorded by the logger.

The Powerline Oarlock is a drop-in replacement for a standard swivel, fitting directly over a standard pin. It is available for two pin sizes in sweep oar rowing (13mm and 9/16”) and one size in sculling (13mm).

The curves from the data enable a precise analysis of timing, force application and oar movement for each rower.

As with all system components, the oarlocks are pre-calibrated and take minutes to fit.

2D Oarlocks

This alternative to the standard oarlock measures not only the force applied to the swivel resolved in the direction of travel of the boat but also the perpenticular to it enabling to get the whole force applied each time.